Friday, February 27, 2009

This makes me happy. I've been slightly concerned about Robert Doyle's apparent 'Action' plan to drag Melbourne back to the early nineties -- not necessarily that it would all come to fruition, but since his crazed ideas seemed to be coming out so fast it was only time before something got through. Smog up Swanston st again (just as the opel shops seemed poised to vanish), get rid of Super Stops because these big nasty stops that allow Melbourne to comply with its stated obligations to people with disabilities are keeping cars out of the city. And we want them back in the city, preferably in Swanston St. Then there was the theme park which would inexplicably serve to keep 'bogans' out of the city. And buskers are keeping tourists away, so they have to go too. Could this be his ultimate vision for Melbourne?