Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm always shocked when larger-than-life, slightly ridiculous characters reveal deep currents of prejudice (I'm talkin' about you, KAK). Don't know why, no rationale etc. And I know Pru Goward is conservative and horrid on many levels, but I just assumed that wouldn't apply to this, possibly because she gave birth to Katie (Kate?) Fisher. Re Where did I really come from:

There is nothing wrong with encouraging tolerance and diversity but why you would do that by talking about same-sex relationships? I find it a mystery," Ms Goward said.

That doesn't even make sense within its own internal logic -- there's nothing wrong with encouraging tolerance and diversity, but why would you actually want to encourage tolerance and diversity? And Ms, Goward, former Sex Discrimination Commissioner (albeit a Howard appointee), why would same-sex relationships be shocking or damaging to children when opposite-sex relationships are presumably just part of the rich fabric of life, or something. Do you only register discrimination within the scope of sex discrimination? Apologies for this rudimentary politics, but I think Goward needs to learn to love 'the gays', just like Katy Perry (although not Donna Summer as I have been duly informed). Surely you can't have said that, Pru? But to be fair, I was alerted to this by NW tweeting me a link to a publication...