Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ridiculusmus in The Importance of Being Earnest

I saw it last night and it is bloody terrific. Of course it is. Do try it.

In other things, just annoyed my brother by screaming in happy shock [which, admittedly, does sound a bit like Lucille Bluth discovering Gene Parmesan] on finding out that Low is coming to town. LOW! And then annoyed him again by almost immediately screaming in happy shock a second time, on finding out that Liars are coming to town too. LIARS! I love stuff sometimes.

Recently, I have been obsessively listening to Song To The Siren by Tim Buckley, and Laurie Anderson's Big Science album. And yes, these are hangovers from Antony's guest-programming of Rage. But I really can't stress enough just how truly great they are. Seriously, Antony nominated This Mortal Coil's version of Song To The Siren as his favourite recording ever, but I really must dispute this. At the moment I am of the opinion that Tim Buckley's is The. Best. Thing. Ever. Or at least, it sits comfortably up amongst all the other Best. Things. Ever, a grouping which of course includes Big Science.

Also, I do love the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, Show Your Bones. I mean, of course I do. But really, I do.

And finally, a thing from before the iPod died. See, I've started making playlists according to themes, so that I have INSPIRED selections of music to play on the radio after interviews. The point is to have easy access to the option of playing AIH's Do The Whirlwind or The Fiery Furnaces' Gale Blow after an interview about wind farms. And so forth. Anyway, there's this song I put in the "asylum-seeker" playlist, and I can't shake how eerily appropriate I find it. It is like, SO appropriate, even though I'm quite positive it wasn't even remotely inspired by the experience of seeking asylum in Australia from the sea. But even its title is appropriate: Three Days At Sea (Three Lost Years)... Doesn't that just blow your mind. Anyway, it's a lovely song by Great Lake Swimmers, and I've put it in the "asylum-seeker" playlist, is all.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday quote of the day.

As heard on the ABC 7pm news this evening, a priest of some kind encapsulating the meaning of Easter thusly:
"Easter belongs to people with a mental illness."
Oh how I laughed.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Short cuts.

Hey Guy, Kylie now has the same slammin' hair-do as you.
The depth of your devotional fan link cannot be overstated.

In other news, I've been doing stuff. Just uni stuff and 3CR stuff, which is nice but not worth getting into. Had a massive catastrophe with my lap top screen cracking and being sent away on the same day that my iPod died, leaving me completely bereft of entertainments. Except that I finally saw Capote last week, which was utterly utterly GOOD. Loved it. Also saw A History Of Violence this week, which was also very good. William Hurt really was quite excellent in the small amount of screen time he had, and Viggo was very good at violence. I liked how strong the wife was. Anyways, I chuckled to myself as I left the theatre, because I actually heard someone say, "Well, that's definitely the most mainstream Cronenberg's ever been." It just made me laugh that someone even bothered to say that. And I watched The Brown Bunny. I liked it. Vincent Gallo is good at being pathetically sad but cool at the same time [his penis is also very nice]. Ooh, and yesterday I was scanning the magazine shelves and couldn't resist the lovely invitation to read Interview magazine after noticing this delightful premise: "Hot Bohemian Devendra Banhart by Lindsay Lohan". HOW ODD. My favourite bit was when Lindsay was telling Devendra about how she plays his music for people and she tries to describe him for them by saying something to the effect of, "He's like a way cuter version of the Charles Manson type." Which she followed up with, "I drove past Sharon Tate's house once. It was really weird."

Some general points to make about The World, etc:

Nuclear energy is not a 'clean' energy option. Just want to make sure people are aware of that, because it seems even Tony Blair doesn't bat an eyelid in calling it clean. Even when IT'S SO NOT. How did we get here? Because truly, it's quite unequivocally not. For instance, extracting and processing uranium is not a carbon emission free process in the first place. So it's not the solution to climate change, okay? A false choice has been set up between coal and uranium, BUT THERE IS OTHER STUFF, is all. And then we can get into the moral problem of how 'unclean' it is for us to be part of the nuclear industry. Weaponry, bad stuff, insane problems for future generations, and we'd be implicated. See, there's that massive problem of there being NO WAY to safely dispose of nuclear waste... NUCLEAR waste. And the industry's not even being run in a safe way. Just last year ERA got prosecuted for some contamination leaks out of Ranger, which was like, a total first in terms of attempting to make the indusrty accountable in Australia. In conclusion, the aim is to be nuclear-free, right?

FUCKING HELL! This just heaps disgrace upon disgrace. We are such creeps. I mean, WE HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES in which we are already being negligent, but instead of moving in the direction of making things right, of being DECENT after years of fucking people over, we're going to be WORSE than even WE have managed to be before! I hate us.

This news approaches something close to good.

Anyways, going to see Martha Wainwright tonight, which will no doubt be lovely again. And Comedy Festival is here. I've scored some freebies to The Importance of Being Earnest on Saturday night, but otherwise won't be going this week until I've done my homework. When I've done my homework, I plan to hit Daniel Kitson, Demetri Martin, David O'Doherty, Andrew McClelland, Rich Hall & Mike Wilmot, and possibly their play too. I've got Dylan Moran tickets. Other things depend on reviews and buzz and such.