Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Sunrise, e.g. Brekkie Central, is in holiday mode and, in the tradition of all summer editions, the crapness is rising. Oooooh lets put all our newsreaders in boxer shorts! That'll be a fun start to the day! Oooooh lets make lots of pseudo-sexist comments 'cause it makes us seem down to earth and non-PC and gets us the ratings! Ooooh why don't we get our newsreader to impersonate one of Saddam's advisors while we do a story bout him. What's integrity ever got us? And everyone hates Iraq, right? Excuse my sarcasm, but vomit! Anyway, the point I was gonna make is that it really irks me when shows that use a male-female presenting combo (in which the male leads) replace the man over summer... and give the male replacement the dominant role, rather than the woman who is technically more senior and should lead. Sunrise has replaced "Koshy" with some random dude who has assumed Koshy's wanker personality and arrogance. Poor Natalie (sorry, Nat) has to sit there and play second fiddle to this random purely because he's a guy. In a just world, HE would be the one laughing at lame jokes and saying stuff like "I don't have a clue how cars work...". Especially when poor Nat has suffered so much already. Ooh, man it would be cool if, just for a day, Nat was replaced with someone like Maxine McKew. Yeah! She would take NO shit, and eat em all for... brekkie. Sorry.

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