Thursday, July 22, 2004

Just got back from seeing Control Room, that documentary about Al-Jazeera during the war. It was really good. I have a headache and I'm tired so I'm just gonna give a brief overview of my impressions. The Al-Jazeera people are really smart and principled and really good journalists. Bombs are really really loud and monstrous. They are very violent when they impact. And finally, what Bush and Rumsfeld were saying in their public appearances during the war has never seemed more absurd and offensive than it did during this film. Like, your bombs aim at people and kill them, and you say, "oh, it's the victims' own fault for being there." Fuck you. At one point their shit talk was hilarious though, with Rummy railing against Al-Jazeera and how it's spreading lies and how the truth always comes out and the liars lose all credibility. Ha. The audience pissed themselves, a little too self-congratulatorily perhaps, but still, it was a funny scene. Guy's right when he says all you need is their own words to reveal the horror and bring them down.

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