Friday, July 30, 2004

Was watching Alias last night and saw an ad for Seven News  that went something like this: "the new wave of fear that's sweeping Melbourne... even sex-workers are afraid!". Hmmm. Firstly, shame on Seven for trying to cultivate an even more neurotic populace, but, um, why wouldn't sex-workers be afraid? It seems like an obviously dangerous industry, and I suspect that many sex-workers don't relish the risks their work entails. Bizarre.

On the topic of Alias, it was amusing when Ms Alias was scaling the walls of some random building (with a break-an-enter beanie on, and black camouflage) that she decided to still wear a bright crimson wig, and not to bother disturbing her hair by concealing it in the interests of, you know, camouflage. Why won't the CIA approach me so that I can juggle a student lifestyle with international intrigue?

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