Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The dude is not getting any less bonkers. From today's Age comes this bit of nonsense:

" There is no point taxing the rich because they just dodge their tax bill anyway, President George Bush said.

'Real rich people figure out how to dodge taxes,' Mr Bush said on Monday during a campaign stop in suburban Washington.

Mr Bush's Democratic rival in the November election, John Kerry, has pledged to scrap the President's tax cuts for the wealthiest people in an attempt to rein in the record budget deficit.

'You've got to be careful about this rhetoric - we're only going to tax the rich. You know who the rich in America happen to be, the small business owners,' Mr Bush said. "

Oh dude. Like, what the hell? Let's just disregard for the moment, as Bush has, that maybe some rich people make their money in large corporations, not small businesses. Still, what is the point he is trying to make? Is he saying Kerry is a bad man who wants to slug hard-working small business owners for more tax, or is he saying that small business owners are evil tax dodgers and Kerry is naive to think he can get any money out of their greedy little hands? Whatever, all he's managed to do is talk about something that really pisses people off [that is, rich people not paying taxes], and then, instead of following it up with something logical like, "As President, I will do my best to pass legislation that will close the loopholes" or whatever, he swings around like a crazy man and makes what I assume is an attack except that it makes no sense. I just don't get this guy.

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