Wednesday, August 11, 2004

For anyone who is interested, the Village Voice has an interesting article about Kabbalah. Anyway, the method of teaching/healing reminded me a bit of the movie Safe, what with the "You're in control of your life, it's your own fault, if you have a cold it means something's wrong spiritually" deal. I mean, who is really going to stick around upon hearing a message like "If you go to all the classes and make a donation and you get cancer, that's because when you were scanning the Zohar, you were not truly feeling it in your heart"? Increasing amounts of people, it seems. Anyway, my favourite part of the article was when this wife was telling the story about her now ex-husband getting really into Kabbalah, the symptoms of which were "keeping a Zohar in his car, praying throughout the day and boring friends with talk of Kabbalah." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Anyway, I've come to a decision about my life. I've decided that I am never going to have a drug problem or any kind of emotional problems or a 'need for spirituality' crisis or anything like that, because the only avenues for treatment seem without exception to turn one into an unbearable crashing bore.

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