Friday, August 20, 2004

I'm actually hoping the rumours that Julian McMahon will be the next Bond are true. It could be brilliant. Genius even. Stay with me here. He could actually do a good job. I mean, on Nip/Tuck he manages make Christian Troy a sleazy cad with a dark tortured soul, etc. So I think he could do the same for Bond. Actually make him interesting. Also there's the added frisson provided by the fact that Julian is the son of one of our former Prime Ministers, and he was married to Dannii Minogue... So he's obviously a star and quite a classy guy. Not cheesy at all.... But, see, that's why he's a perfect true Bond. He is Bond, ie., kind of a dirty sleaze. It could blow the lid off this whole "Bond loves women" bullshit. Anyway, I hope it happens. I think this casting prospect could definitely make the Bond thing better, darker, and honest.

Also, in news that horrifies me deeply, Jay McGraw, son of Phil, has his own television show in which entire families submit themselves to be 'renovated' by him. Okay, first off, I never liked it when he was pushing teens around. But now he is going to tell entire families what to do! That means people who are older than him, and who like, have jobs! [Ew, I just turned into Caz there for a second. IGNORE!] Anyway, I'm still quite baffled about this kid [who is probably older than me]. Why does he get this work? Oh, I see, it's because he's a "best-selling author who recently graduated from Law School". Thanks Maria Menounos. Anyway, his new show is called Renovate My Family, and it combines group therapy with, uh, home/garden renovations? So now, he's not only going to be a psychologist without credentials, but also a builder/gardener/decorator without credentials. Somebody stop this guy! Ha ha ha ha ha! Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, Renovate My Family could be a really great and ridiculous show, especially as Jay will continue to maintain that he's actually helping these people in an un-superficial way. Ooooh, I wish I had FOX!

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