Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'm batting for Casey! Touchdown! I don't quite know why, but she comes across so well compared to all the other Idol show-ponies (that's you, Nicole Wheatley). I feel her teen angst, and while the show may be milking it (as it is a truly rare commodity these days, in a world of Lindsay Lohans), I don't think she is - I think she's real, baby. Here's Where I Stand was an INSPIRED choice (possibly 'cause I love the film Camp), allowing her to plead with the audience: "accept me, I'm here, here's who I am, vote for me" and so forth. And, of course, a killer key-change didn't hurt.

Also batting for Ricki-Lee, who added some much needed pizzazz to the proceedings. As Fop rightly pointed out, she's a mondern day Taylor Dayne, and not just via her song choice. Nicole Wheatley pisses me off. Too much confidence, not enough talent, I say. And am I right in thinking that she tried out for Popstars Live, and failed to get in, in a spectacularly embarrasing fashion? Posted by Hello

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