Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I've put up our Blogger profiles because, yeah, it is annoying when other blogs don't have them. You might wanna know some basic details and any giveaway freakinesses before you heed our words, I guess. Anyway, so they're up. And a nifty thing I just found out is that if something's blue in your profile, you can click on it, like for instance that one of my favourite movies is Ride With The Devil, and Blogger will find all the other profiles that have Ride With The Devil in them. I thought, "Aha, kindred spirits, finally". Anyway, it was a little disappointing to find that those blogs mostly belong to Southern history buffs or religious people from the South who believe in agrarianism and conservatism, or teenage Jewel fans from Holland. Whatever, I'm glad they liked the movie. And then I clicked on The Grey Zone to see if anyone else had listed it as a favourite movie. And, in the whole world of Blogger profiles, nobody else had. Does that make me special or a bit freaky? Hmmmm, I think I've just found another massive time-wasting activity. Excellent.

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