Wednesday, August 04, 2004

So yesterday I finally turned up to a class I've skipped for the first three weeks of uni. I just couldn't seem to get up on the first Tuesday, and then on the second Tuesday I couldn't either, and on the third Tuesday I withdrew from the world under the weight of the dread of having to explain my previous absences. Man, tiny little things can really shake my equilibrium. Like making phonecalls to switch a shift for work. The dread is completely disproportionate to the task, considering that it never turns out to be an unpleasant experience. But still, the dread is there every time. Anyway, so yesterday I went to the lecture and tute for this Media Law subject I'd been skipping. I didn't know what I was going to say to my tutor other than, 'Nice to meet you finally'. But I had read all the chapters from the text book and the lecture was fine and interesting, and given by a lecturer who kinda knows me because I went to his office to get the course guide and some details about an assignment we had to do the other week for this subject [which I actually handed in on time, still not having attended any classes] and while I was there he said, "Oh, you're studying Journalism right?" And I was like "Yeah". And then I realised he was the dude who had interviewed me for the course and had probably recommended my acceptance to it, because I got in. And he was like "Yeah, I remember you from the interview." So now I'm like, "Oh shit, I can't fuck up this class. I cannot be a dumbarse at any point." So I guess that added to my angst for skipping the third Tuesday. Anyway, I went yesterday, and the lecture was just as harmless as everything else I get het up about. Although I was trying to stay below the radar there was one point at which he asked if anyone had seen Gigli and I said "Yes" in a normal tone, which was nonetheless amplified by the deathly silence of the rest of the room. And all eyes swivelled to me, and lecturer man laughed and went "Okay, one person has seen it." And then showed some of the scathing reviews and talked about how these were defensible acts of defamation because they come under the umbrella of 'fair comment'. So the easy part, the lecture part, was over. Now came the tute. I had no idea what I was going to say. But in the end I didn't have to say anything, because my tutor's kid was sick so she had stayed home to care for him [note to self; your tutor is a woman], and so the same lecturer dude was taking our tute. And how was he to know who had been there before and who hadn't? Score! But then when he was taking the roll and me and this other girl said our names he went, "Oh, I've got your assignments. I marked them because you hadn't put your tutor's name on the cover sheet." And we were like, "Uh, yeah. That's because we didn't know her name......yet." BUSTED! [Note to self; still don't know my tutor's name. She is female, though.] Also, I was going to myself, "Oh SHIT! Worst luck ever." My most stupid half-arsed assignment ever [explaining what 'plagiarism' is. I mean, how shit is that? You can only stretch a definition so far! What were they thinking?] was marked by the guy who got me into the course. I am completely sure he's having doubts now. I was cringing badly. But the tute went fine. I mean, having not been there for the first three, I had planned to sit back and observe how things worked, like who were the main players and all that. But no-one was saying anything to break the silences that followed his questions, so I found myself being first responder just to break the awkwardness. So Tuesday went fine. I broke through that anti-Tuesday barrier. I know this is boring as heck for you all, but this reckless absence thing had actually been playing on my mind for a few weeks. Such powerful guilt and dread. Anyway, now I just have to worry about next week.

After uni I had quite a few hours to spare before Marty's birthday drinks. Like, six hours. So I killed a few of them at the computer lab trying to write up a prac piece. No joy, but I managed to marshal the necessary components. And then Ska Boy #1 popped up for a chat. I still think that's weird. And then I checked the session times for Spiderman 2 and found it was playing at 4.50pm which would be perfect for getting to Marty's at 8pm. And then my face kind of twitched as the thought PRESENT exploded in my brain. So I high-tailed it outta there to do some thoughtful shopping. Actually, it was more of an instinctual snap-decision shop. And then Spiderman 2. Which was totally fantastic! Like, I really didn't love the first one at all. It kinda sucked badly, especially on a second viewing. But this sequel is awesome! The villain was so shit in the last one. But this Doc Oc villain was so cool. And Tobey rules. Mmmmm, I love him. And he is so perfectly cast for this. Yeah. A really really cool movie. And satisfying.

Then I went to Marty's for a little bit, which was really nice and I hope you had a great birthday. Then I pissed off to the film festival to watch Head-On, that German movie that won prizes at the Berlin Film Festival. It was really fantastic, especially the first hour. The first hour was just wonderful and spirited and cool. And the characters were great and crazy-cool, especially the dude. He was also totally hot, in that grizzled old man kind of way. Think Bob Geldof but totally totally hot. And it was all going swimmingly until about halfway through the movie when this thing happened that interrupted how things were going just as they were about to go really well. And so then it was just not as fun because it didn't turn out how it was gonna turn out. And that was sad. But still an excellent film. And ohmygod the soundtrack! AMAZING! So fucking great. Best use of Depeche Mode ever in a film! Actually, any use of Depeche Mode is an instant boon. Filmmakers take note. Ooh, I really want that soundtrack, if there is one. Fantastic!

So that was Tuesday. Quite full. Maybe I should do them more often.

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