Saturday, August 28, 2004

Via Defamer comes this awesome news. Do read it. It's a pisser. Tommy Lee is involved.

This, however, is just plain sick.

And hey, I didn't know that Liz Smith was funny. I just assumed she was one of those fawning people, and only Cojo gets away with that. And because she's an old lady to boot, I thought that would make her extra bad. But I've just gotta get it into my head that not all old ladies are like Barbara Walters. Sorry Liz Smith for ever having thought of you two in the same way. It's the hair, or something. Anyway, I read my first ever Liz Smith gossip piece today, and she gets a gold star for breaking down my baseless preconceived notions with her "the pod took over" line. It just really wasn't what I expected her to say [see: my baseless preconceived notions]. So I was rather delighted by that. Yep.

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