Saturday, August 07, 2004

Videohits Beef

Two things. Firstly, Usher is a complete tosser loser. He is totally walkingall over his ex, Chilli (of TLC fame), while trying to seem like some bleeding-heart, confessional type (his new single is called Confessions II). Like, this whole album he has been whining on about how he cheated, about how he regrets it, about how he should be forgiven blah blah, while prancing round with his shirt off being a total miva (male diva). It all seems rather false, and he seems like a self-indulgent careerist tosser.

Second thing: Cosima's new clip. Oh my god, it's bad. Not in a cheap and nasty way, but in a tasteless and crass way. Like when that final key change kicks in they actually cut to her on a cliff top, by the sea, with her arms wide open and wind blowing through her hair (wearing some strange shawl that makes her look like a widow). So with this new entry, the Aus Idol I Taste Ladder reads as follows:

1. Paulini Boring, but classy. Classic Sony.
2. Guy Sebastian Seems more talented than his material. Next album should be better.
3. Shannon Noll / Cosima (tie) Shannon's a no-talent who's been managed brilliantly. No such luck with Cosima's independent record deal.
4. Rob Mills Tosser.

I haven't actually seen Courtney Act's song, so I can't really comment, but don't really expect much.

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