Sunday, August 08, 2004

Went to see The Five Obstructions today at the film festival. It was fantastic. I really loved it. Lars von Trier getting his mentor Jorgen Leth to remake one of his old films, The Perfect Human, and abiding by all these tricky new rules, or 'obstructions', set by Lars. It was funny and interesting and cool. Two highly intelligent and skilled men in a creative battle. Really really cool. Did I mention it was cool? Definitely go and see it if you can.

Then I went to see I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, about which I had high hopes, considering it contains yummy men. Clive Owen, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Mmmmm goodness. However, quite a crap film. The story didn't really have any credibility. Also, sorry, but you can't kill off Jonathan Rhys Meyers early in a film, ever. Even if his death is the wellspring of the story. The story was crap anyway, so very uncalled for. Some guy out of nowhere takes a dislike to Jonathan and so decides to rape him? What's up with that? I sat through the film at least hoping to get an explanation as to why Malcolm Macdowell had gone to so much trouble, organising henchmen and tip-offs in order to rape Jonathan, and then when we finally get an explanation as to why, it's just a load of crap, far too calmly delivered by a man with a gun pointed at his head. The film was just dumb like that, and not underworldy at all. Actually there was all this underworld stuff going on but it petered and had no point whatsoever as regarded the story, except for being the milieu. Anyway, unsatisfying, disappointing and other pejoratives. In a word, no.

Anyway, off to watch abortions.

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