Sunday, September 05, 2004

Hey, maybe my vote does count after all. Hmmmm. Actually have to think about this now. And I really hope Lindsay Tanner's wrong about what a strengthened Greens party will mean to Labor:

Mr Tanner is also issuing a warning that erosion of Labor's socially progressive constituency would lead to the Labor Party changing, probably to a more right-wing, populist party.

"One of the things that worries me is that, if we get to the position in the medium term, where there are four or five electorates around held by the Greens and not Labor, and that section of the community, the most politically aware, progressive section of the community is parked on another party, then the Labor Party's going to change. "They should not assume the Labor Party will stay the same. What it will mean is that in future for issues like native title and the republic - forget it!"

That won't really happen will it? He's just trying to scare me, yeah? See, I'm thinking that more Greens House of Reps seats might lead to a new government-forming coalition of Labor/Greens, with the accomodations required by such a coalition pushing Labor to the left. Also, I just think it's more fair if it's coalition versus Coalition.

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