Friday, September 24, 2004

So last night, the Chaser boys returned with The Chaser Decides, providing coverage of "the most important federal election since the last federal election." I was at Leah's birthday drinks so I had to tape it, which is necessary anyway because you need to watch it twice to catch the newsbar. Happy birthday Leah. [By the way, I found it very strange seeing Mick Molloy walking around Yelza in a suit.] Anyway, I watched the tape just now and, of course, I loved the show, der. Party stooges on talkback radio, why I vote Green, postal ballots for Hicks and Habib, the Democrats under threat of extinction after numbers dwindle due to mating with other species, the race being dead even at the moment "but we expect that to change once voting actually starts", etc. Some newsbar highlights included;

Aspirational voter aspires to not be narrow-minded, xenophobic fool

Baby refuses to kiss on first election

Howard laughs too hard at FM DJ joke

Kerry O'Brien forced to turn right for every left on way home

Coalition to change refugee policy after biting left-wing satire

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