Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Tonight, after Laurie's birthday dinner [mmmmmm, good soup], I went to see Supergrass. Yes. It was awesome. They didn't play the song I was hanging out for, What Went Wrong (In Your head), but still, they were great. Most of the songs have gone out of my head now, but the highlights I can recall were Strange Ones and Moving and Mary and something called Kiss the Mouth or something, and their version of Neil Young's Loner was great, and there was this other really really great song that I can't remember the name of and my CD player's not working so I can't play any CDs to listen and locate it. Anyway, very good.

But now I've come home to find that I didn't press the timer button after programming the VCR this afternoon so, [breathe, Elanor, breathe] I didn't tape the O.C! Oh. My. God. Shattered. Please, is there anyone out there who did tape it? Because I will never ever get over it if I miss a single episode of that show. Please. Anybody. I'm putting this crisis up there with the going-to-Darwin-to-visit-my-sister-and-missing-the-finale-of-Dawson's-because-stupid-fucking-Darwin-doesn't-have-Channel-Ten crisis of January '04. Yep. It's that big. I mean, helloo! Tonight, jock boy was gonna find out that his dad is GAY. That's right, GAY! Isn't that wild? So please, I'm barely hangin on here.

[Incidentally, I have a theory as to why Ngaiire didn't make it into the Final 12. Quite simply, Darwin don't get the show. My sister said there were little things in the newspaper up there saying "we know we don't get the show, but there's some local girl in it, so could you please sms her name to this number all the same?" Or something like that. It's not exactly Tasmania.]

UPDATE: Oh dear. NW magazine has just informed me that Ngaiire actually hails from NSW, rendering my above theory both ridiculous and disconcertingly arsehole-like. Crap.

On a kinda related point, funny Blogpatrol searchterm of the day was "persuasive speech on australian idol being worthwhile". Ha ha ha. Other, more thought-provoking ones were "kylies catsuit as fancy dress costume" and "Cillian Murphy is hotter than Jonathan Rhys Meyers". Hmmm, that last one is quite a tough call.

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