Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Watched the most hilarious movie last night - Norma Jean and Marilyn, starring a very young Ashley Judd and a very young Mira Sorvino. The basic premise was that after Norma Jean "became" Marilyn, she was "haunted" by her old self - the country-bumpkin, man-eating depressive that she used to be. But the movie presented this literally! There were two actresses, Judd for NJ and Mira for Marilyn. So for the last half of the film, Judd would be hanging around saying stuff like "you're nothing marilyn" to a confused Marilyn, in the tradition of awful, awful psycho-drama. Anyway, the best/worst moments were:

1. In a flashback/dream sequence triggered by the words "orange tang", Marilyn visualises herself driving away from a screaming Norma Jean, symbolising progression, change blah blah. But that wasn't enough. She then stops the car, engages reverse, and runs down Norma Jean. Not subtle.

2. The point at which the actresses swap over, which has to be explained somehow. So they have NJ under the plastic surgeon's knife. He's about to start, um, cutting, when he says "tomorrow you'll love like a whole other person". Cut to new actress playing Marilyn. Ha ha ha ha.

3. Can't really convey the humour of this, but some guy calls out "hey, Norma Jean", to which Marilyn, in her own special way, responds "I'm not Norma Jean... I'm Marilyn"... Hilarious.

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