Saturday, September 11, 2004

Went to see The Corporation today. Yep. Strong, important. All that stuff. My main thought coming out of it was "I don't get how corporations continue to remain respectable with governments when they keep breaking the law. And the governments know they break the law, because the governments take legal action against them. It happens very often. I thought criminals were bad things that politicians especially prefer to steer clear of and not help in any way. I'm not saying that's right, but I'm surprised it doesn't happen in the same way here." Another thought was "Hmmm, can't drink Fanta." But then my brother went, "Er, no. You can't drink Coke. Because there wouldn't be that Fanta problem without Coke. Dumbarse."

While on Lygon, I was quite indiscreetly surprised to see Timothy Spall walk by carrying groceries. Luckily my twisting and pointing and "Ohmygod that's Timothy Spall! What on earth is he doing carrying groceries on Lygon Street?" was all quite shielded by the car I was travelling in at the time. Still, quite a mystery I think. Or not, really. He must just be working here at the moment or something. Still, quite cool.

Anyway, was reading the MX yesterday and I read a snippet that I found quite interesting because of its effect on me. It caused one emotion, and then during the course of its sixty-ish words, caused me to swing to the opposite one. See, my initial response of being slightly appalled switched quite instantly, about halfway through, to a mood of glee and thoughts of "Brilliant. Utterly brilliant." I'm curious to know if the effect is the same for others. So here's the snippet, faithfully reproduced:

"Maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald is rolling in his grave. Then again, maybe not. Entrepreneurial 'N Sync singer Lance Bass is getting ready to produce a big-screen take on The Great Gatsby, with Paris Hilton as an updated Daisy Buchanan. If Bass and his partners get their way, the Jay Gatsby character will be played by Chris Carmack from The O.C."

My verdict; brilliant.

Another brilliant thing is the new Black Keys album. Damn superb. Love it.

Also, saw Har Mar Superstar's new song DUI on Rage last night. It's totally fantastic, and good in a Jackson 5 way, but gooder.

And in some joyous news, Gillian Welch is coming to town! Hurrah! I will so be there.

In other joyous news, PJ Harvey's set from the Splendour In the Grass festival will be aired tomorrow on Triple J at 5pm. If anyone coming to my birthday thing could remind me about it, that would be cool.

Also, try and watch Bubble Boy tonight if you can. The movie kinda loses it after about half-way, but the first hour is damn funny, particularly the crazy mother. And keep an eye out for the scene where Jake is dressed as a goldfish, and the one at the bus station, and any extended scenes of him running in the bubble suit. Gold.

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