Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Holy crap. What happened in the finale of John Safran vs God was just VILE. I am so deeply pissed off at that exorcist dude, you have no idea. That dude is not cool. Maddeningly clucking in disapproval at every minor bit of exposure Safran had had to 'demons'? I mean, chill out! Everything besides Christianity is beset by demons, and simply coming into contact with these other things opens you up to the influence of Satan? FUCK. OFF.

Things that made me think the exorcist dude is a vile bully:

- "I John, on behalf of my ancestors, forgive Hitler."

- "At 5, you don't know that daddy loves you unless daddy says he loves you. And if daddy doesn't say he loves you, your interpretation is 'daddy doesn't love me'. So you DIDN'T have a good relationship with your parents."

- "God's people prostituted themselves. You're a spiritual whore."

- "I want every African-American person in this room to say, 'In the name of Jesus, we come, renouncing the sins of our ancestors, who turned to false gods. Stand together, as Africans. You leave this man alone. In the name of Jesus.'"

- "You go back to Australia and you're gonna kick the Devil's butt. And I'm gonna come over there, and you and I together, we're gonna preach the Gospel in Australia. Amen?"

Anyway, the level of my anger was extreme, and I don't know if the reasons why can really be transcribed. But I was like, seriously fucked off. I mean, I know I reject all gods and stuff, but like, treating everyone else's gods and rituals as false and evil and then cajoling people into rejecting them in favour of your own is just... unpleasant. What a JERKY way to be.

[UPDATE: I figured out the main cause of my anger. The exorcist abused his position as the leader of a ceremony. He exploited the fact that people wanted to fully participate in the process (which necessitated being led by him and doing what he told them to do) to make pointed detours into getting them to say things offensive to their 'ancestry'. He would just drop in these barbs without purpose except as an exhibition of his power to make them 'sell out'. The dude was a creep.]

Whatever. This is a night for rejoicing. Speaking of false Idols, hurrah! Marty is gone!

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