Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm starting to get better vibes about the upcoming US elections, especially now that a few high profile newspapers have come out and backed Kerry and actually admitted (gasp) that the Bush presidency has been disastrous on all fronts. Now there's a start. I'm starting to imagine how cool it would be if Kerry was Prez. I mean, he's not perfect, but he's like intelligent and stuff, and I get all tingly thinking about how cool it would be to have someone who thinks a little in the White House. How cool would it be if Bush lost! The world wouldn't be so crazy!

Also, and Elanor mentioned this briefly, it pisses me off the "outrage" about Kerry mentioning Cheney's gay daughter. Sure, it was a political move on Kerry's part, but I don't see how you can brand it as an "outrage" without suggesting that homosexuality is something that should remain hidden. They wouldn't suggest that would they?

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