Saturday, October 16, 2004

Is Popjustice ever wrong? I don't think so. After seeing Eminem's new clip this morning on Video Hits, I have to say that I heartily concur with Popjustice's brilliant analysis and approval of Just Lose It. I know you don't like him, Guy, but I really do like Eminem. I've loved him ever since he penned the lyric "We ain't never stop beefin' gonna squash the beef", which I considered to be the Best Lyric Ever. However, I'm now prepared to say that "Argh-agghh-argh-aghhg" = Best. Lyric. Ever.

Yay yay yay! WHOO-HOO! The White Stripes are releasing Jolene as a single! Yippee! Finally! Hee hee! Yay! Best. Cover. Ever.

Also, I forgot to mention how ACE the final episode of The Chaser Decides was. It was, like, really ace.

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