Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I've been noticing for a while that the dominant conservative rhetorical tactic is to take a weak point, and turn it into a strength. I know everyone kinda does this, but you're supposed to do it subtly. Howard ran on a laughable platform of "trust", for example. Bush has talked up his "leadership" qualities ('cause everyone thinks he's a puppet). Bush becomes the war hero even though he never served. If it's said enough times, then it scarily becomes a strength.

In the paper today, they've quoted Bush doing it again, as he claims that "John Kerry's Iraq strategy would endanger the US and lead to a major defeat in the war on terrorism". You're already losing buddy! And then he backs up this assertion with more freedom waffle: "the dream of freedom is moving forward". AND get this, Bush has the nerve to accuse Kerry of alienating the world: "The senator insults our friends in the world and wants to please a few critics. I'm working with our friends for the sake of freedom and and security". AAAAGGHHH!

In other news the new Kylie single (and Scissor Sisters collaboration) I Believe in You is great - a predictable, yet welcome return to gay disco. I suspect though that she has no chance of singing it live...

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