Sunday, October 24, 2004

Tim just aided my avoidance of writing my thesis proposal by alerting me to an unfolding Ashlee Simpson lip-synching scandal. Apparently on SNL she missed her lip-synching cue, so just danced around for a bit while the pre-recorded vocals were playing, and then walked off half-way through. Or, in the words of someone who saw it:

"so the band starts playing "Pieces Of Me" and she's doing this goofy "sexy" dance, and the vocals start, but they're pre-recorded she misses the cue completely and isn't mouthing the words or anything, and she's very visibly embarrassed and kind of dances around a little more, and the pre-recorded vocals fade out but she never starts singing, and the band just keeps playing on, and she sheepishly walks offstage and they cut to commercial in the middle of the first chorus."

Ha ha ha ha ha! I don't like lip-synching, but have less of a problem with, say, Holly Valance using some technical trickery than I do with Ashleeee who is seeking to gain some kind of "I have black hair artiste" cred. Speaking of Holly Valance, is it true that she turns up on Har Mar Superstar's latest album???

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