Friday, November 12, 2004

Have just watched the tape Leah brought around of Wednesday's episode of The OC. It was great except for Ryan being a judgemental ass to Julie and Jock Boy. Whatevs, Ryan. Also, whatevs Marissa.

And poor Jock Boy, he looks so broken-hearted next week, doesn't he? Oh, why can't they just be together?

But mainly I'm bursting because I already know what's going to happen to rock your socks in the season finale [thanks a lot New York Times. A girl can't even read an Adam Brody profile without you SPOILING EVERYTHING?!].

So, for the past few weeks I've been watching the series' happenings with this knowledge in mind, and about four episodes ago I hit upon a theory which will have repercussions for next season. I can even pinpoint the exact scene when it all became clear. Oh, twas but a moment, and it all came together in a blinding flash.

And yet, I CAN'T SHARE IT WITH ANYONE because you'd all murder me if I blabbed. Oh what a Catch-22. If I turn out to be right I'll never be able to prove I was right or how early on I was right! But I swear I ain't lying! I have a theory! I just can't tell you what it is.

The thing is, it's not even that brilliant a theory. It's quite obvious. It's so clear if you just watch the performance of one character. I JUST CAN'T TELL YOU WHICH ONE! But it's all there. It's like watching Ben-Hur when you know what the director has told one actor to be mindful of in their motivation/delivery. Indeed, I hope some of you have picked up on it too. Anybody? Please? It's just KILLING ME that I can't even talk about it! And I really really want to!

So, just for the record, I'm SO RIGHT, and I'll tell you about it later.

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