Tuesday, November 09, 2004

THANKYOU ERIN for alerting me to the mega mega sale bin at Myer. OK, here's what I got for $3.49: B*Witched! (self-titled) and Alisha's Attic, Alisha Rules the World. Don't laugh! B*Witched!'s (love the star) bizarre Irish Spice-Girls thing is saved by the inclusion of the "delightful" Blame it on the Weatherman, while one half of Alisha's Attic went on to pen Kylie's Chocolate and Red Blooded Woman. OK, not so good, but I stand by my purchase. Welcome back 1998, I say!

Hmmm. Delta on Rove... seemed kinda manic to me.

Anyway, speaking of Delta, heightened my shameful music purchase binge by buying Mistaken Identity on the day of release. Not classy. Here's my beef. Delta is trying to be Tori Amos/ Kate Bush/ Celine Dion. Obviously this does not work. Here's an album with dark themes, dark lyrics, and then an insert in the CD sleeve asking you to purchase the songs as ringtones. And Tori Amos doesn't have an underwear range, I might add. Also, compared to her last album her voice seems to have gone all warbly, although apparently (as I just heard on Rove), this has something to do with the chemo.

Ooooh yay! She just sang Out of the Blue way better on Rove - OK, ARIAS was officially an aberration!

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