Sunday, November 21, 2004

THOUGHTS ON THE IDOL FINALE. Casey won and that was cool. But I spent the whole lead-up going, "Look, here's an ad break Casey. Why don't you go and change, huh? You really don't want to win in that atrocious dress. Please. Please go and change." But to no avail. Poor girl. About two or three weeks ago they started getting her clothes right, and then last week and this week they just rooted it. Why have they decided that her 'look' is 'dorko LOTR freak uni student who wears a cape on campus', huh? WHY?

Anyway, the highlight of the evening for me was the appearance of Johnny Young. Or, more precisely, Anthony's reaction to the appearance of Johnny Young. Gold. See, Johnny was going on about what a special boy Anthony was at the age of six (which creeped me out), and Anthony's expression seemed to be saying "Hmmm, thanks a lot for bringing THAT guy to my special night, you insensitive clods! Clearly, I hate him." Ha ha ha. Ruled.

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