Thursday, December 23, 2004

Just watched Shattered Glass, and my love for Peter Sarsgaard is totally raging. Oh man, I love him so much. He's just so cool. And pained. I just want to watch him forever. And listen to him speak. He seems really intelligent and stuff. I just love him so bad.

I haven't had a crush this major for ages. I'm seriously losing it over him. I was sitting there on the couch watching the movie, and I couldn't stop myself from bugging my brother at the end of each delightful Sarsgaard scene with, "Don't you just love him? Huh? Don't you? I really love him. Don't you?" Finally, after being prodded for a bit, my brother cracked and said, "YES. Okay! He's cool! I get it! Jeez. Want to have his babies much?" And I was actually like, "Er, YEAH!" Scary. But he's just so great.

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