Saturday, January 08, 2005

Huh. Brad and Jen have split. Now the world makes sense again. I don't know about you, but I always found it quite an alarming irregularity that they were a couple, and not only that, the couple. They just didn't feel right. I mean, apart they're okay, but together they're kinda less so. Do you get me? They just seemed an odd pairing, but not in that cool Vincent Cassel-Monica Belucci way. So, kudos to them for resigning the post.

It feels like the world is trying to right itself. And we need to take the chance we've been given. Let's not waste this rare opportunity, okay? We really need to get the next Hollywood Glamour Couple right. Because it's just been embarassing these past seven years, frankly. And can you really stand faking your enthusiasm all over again, for another few years? Don't you want your Hollywood Glamour Couple to make you ridiculously excited every time you see or hear about them? Yes. That's the spirit! So...

Who should be the next and rightful Hollywood Glamour Couple?
Who do we want? What relationship is there out there with all the requisites? These are the criteria as I see them; 1) the couple is made up of individuals that people actually want to be, 2) the union improves the cool of both parties, 3) it's one of those special 'right on' relationships that makes us all go, "Wow, that's cool. I'm feeling things. Excellent love is possible", and 4) wattage.
I advise you to take this very seriously. It affects us all.

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