Saturday, January 22, 2005

Yay! Thanks to a searchterm query leading to this blog, I just found out that Demetri Martin is coming to this year's Melbourne Comedy Festival. Hooray! I've been hanging for this dude to come down here since he cracked me up badly on Letterman a few years back. Score! And the rest of the line-up is beginning to emerge too. Joining the incomparable Incredible Melk on the list of stars about whom I'm deliriously ecstatic so far are Mike Wilmot (he's blue, and he will make your guts hurt), and Chris Addison, (who's just a very good chap, really. I like him). And I'm really glad Lawrence Mooney is doing something too, because his Lies Lies Lies show from a few years back was hilarious and had the best joke about Freud in it that I've ever heard. But he's in a Harold Pinter play this time around, so maybe he won't be bringing his own material. Anyway, this is all good, but I hereby order you all to now begin praying (well, not praying, but, you know what I mean) that the following excellent beings also come: The Boosh (or just Noel, or just Julian. Please, at least one of them has to come!), Daniel Kitson, The Flight Of The Conchords, and Brian Munich And Friends (I really hope they're still 'friends' and have a show to perform, because the last time I saw them was when they came in to my work and seemed a bit pissed off at each other, and then I embarassed myself by saying "You guys are so great" when they paid at the till. I AM A LOSER!). So, get not-praying, NOW!

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