Sunday, February 13, 2005

David Byrne: Coolest man alive! Coolest man alive!

Here is a list of tonight's AWESOME-NESS, as far as I can remember;

Talking Heads AWESOME-NESS
This Must Be The Place
Psycho Killer
And She Was
Life During Wartime
Once In A Lifetime
Road To Nowhere

Like Humans Do [awesome]
A song that mentioned a "diamond box" [awesome]
A song about the universe/theory of everything [awesome]
A song about being "wicked and lazy" [awesome]
An imaginary love letter [awesome]
A Jimi Hendrix cover, went something something "gold and red, the colour of a dream I had" [totally awesome]
And, did I mention that I saw David Byrne. He was there. And he had moves. And is totally totally cool. Yes?

Coolest man alive! Coolest man alive! Coolest man alive!

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