Saturday, February 12, 2005

Noooo! Arthur Miller died. But..... sob, wail, puke.
Crap. Crap. Crap. Oh god. No. So not in the mood to do A Wrap-Up Of This Morning's Mostly Crap Music Videos right now, which is what I entered the internet to do, until it broke my heart with death news. Horrible internet. Now I feel all inappropriate, because I LOVED HIM!

But I just can't help myself. I just have to talk about the music videos. I mean, Delta and Brian are on TV behind me right now! And it's very very bad. Hey, does anyone else sometimes hear a similarity in their song to Kylie and Jason's megahit, Especially For You? I do. Just in certain sections I reckon the tune's been ripped off, but then changed a bit to make it GODAWFUL BORING.

Moving on, did anyone catch Britters' new song/clip, Do Somethin'? It's a bit odd. I mean, the song is borderline. Lyric example, "up in my grille". It could either be sung by a worthless soon to disappear up-and-comer, or by a seasoned gal going for edgy cred. To my mind, with a song like this, the distinction all depends on the clip, and I think Britney might have been able to pull the song off if a high-concept, expensive-looking clip had been invested in [see: Gwen Stefani]. Had that happened, we might have all found ourselves going, "Brilliant. Brilliant." But the clip is cheap as. So the whole song and Britney's association with it just ends up seeming inexplicable.

Oh god. I hate U2. I mean, what kind of a band starts a clip with Bono walking down a street in a hoody and, yes, sunglasses, while the words of a 'deep quote' appear as scrawl on the bottom of the screen? Just appreciate that lame-o-ness, and then, know this: the quote is from Bono. It's signed "-Bono". It's quite possibly even in Bono's own handwriting. Scream! He's quoting himself being 'deep' to endeepen his own clip!? ARRGGHH!

Er, Emmanuel Carella is back. And, well, bad clip. Embarassing. It's going for 'energy' and fresh zestiness, I think. But the back-up dancers are out of time and it looks like it was shot in a scout hall, and on digital etc, yeah, cheap. Also, he's just not very good.

Oooh, new Beck song. Have been waiting for this album for a while. The song is E-Pro, I think, and it's fine. I wasn't creaming my daks about it, but I'm saving that up for the one he collaborated on with Jack White anyway.

And finally, what the fuck is up with the charts at the moment? Jesus, that Nitty song is STOOPID. Just, WHY? We cannot possibly be going mad for it. And then at #1 we have a Nelly and Tim McGraw duet? I want to die.

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