Thursday, March 31, 2005

Went to see Cake tonight. It was good. But it wasn't mighty. And I had expected it to be mighty. Highlights were, Never There, The Distance, Carbon Monoxide, and everyone yelling "DUDE!" in that bit of Short Skirt/Long Jacket that goes, "DUDE!"

Anyway, Cake finished at 11pm. And I went, well, I took the night off work and I'm in the city anyway, why don't I walk down to the Town Hall and see if there are any tickets left for Daniel Kitson's late-night stand-up show, of which tonight is the first? Sounds like a plan. A spontaneous plan. Crazy. So I saw him tonight too. The audience was peppered with other comedians [and I don't mean 'other comedians besides myself', because, I'm not a comedian. No, I mean 'other comedians besides Daniel Kitson' eg., Demetri Martin, Danny Bhoy, some of the CNNNN dudes, I think I saw Chris Addison too...] and I was like, noddin, ya thaaat's right. I know my shit. I'm down with where it's at, etc. Even though, there's always some other comedian in the audience of a show. But no matter, I squeeze whatever reflected glory I can out of any situation. And hey, comedians don't always make late dinner arrangements with each other during a show like they did tonight, so hah, exclusive in-crowd spectacle. Anyway, Daniel wasn't as good as he has been, but hey, I love the man.

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