Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wow. Can't believe it. But, actually, I can. As Erin suggested, via post-shock sms flurry, "strangely expected". I guess, to me, because Kylie was always immortal (the robot queen, the Xanadu goddess, the girl next door), she always seemed strangely "safe" from illness. Yet in a way that's why I'm not shocked by this. Because she was so untouchable, that's why it's not shocking. It just seems to reaffirm that everyone is human. Something I obviously know, but choose to overlook. But fuck, why does celeberity illness always have such "perfect" (read, shit) timing?

Firstly, I hope she recovers quickly, as I hope anyone who is ill gets better. When she does recover (because odds are she will), it will be interesting to see what this does to her Kylie "persona". This sounds clinical, but as someone trading off youth, beauty, unreality and sexuality, I wonder how such awful illness will effect the way we perceive her, and how she presents herself (assuming she chooses to stay within the spotlight). But anyway, this is all premature. As stupid as it is, I'm in shock (as is everyone else in Melbourne, judging by overheard conversations). To a speedy recovery!

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