Thursday, July 21, 2005

CUT COPY. BLOC PARTY. Mental crowd. Das shizzle.

And now we've got MIFFness happening, and Queens Of The Stone Age with The Futureheads and then Interpol and then The Go! Team. And later Martha Wainwright and a bit further down the track, The Hives!!! Cultcha comin oot me boot.

PS. I have seen War Of The Worlds. Yes, I have no morals. But for my moral turpitude, I blame David Stratton entirely. Four-and-a-half stars, I ASK YOU?! And then I say, NO! GOOD LORD.

PPS. I have read Harry Potter. Everybody's doing it, don't you know?

PPPS. I have witnessed the most egregious use of the English language. EVER. It was a sign in a shop. It said this:

LADIE'S WEAR??!!! In what circumstance could that EVER be right? Wrongest thing I ever saw. I almost died. Seriously, this crazed apostrophe madness of mine is NOT helped by the world at large. Once you begin to notice all the CD'S and 1980's everywhere, YOU JUST CAN'T STOP. So please, MAKE IT STOP. And let us never speak of LADIE'S WEAR again. Shudder.

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