Sunday, July 03, 2005

Went to see my friend Camille’s band play at The Stage tonight and had me some Passion Pop. Then got on a tram to the Northcote Social Club to see Midnight Juggernauts.

I was running a bit late but I decided that I didn’t much mind missing the support act, because they were to me some unknown entity, going by the name of Damn Arms. But then I caught the last song of their set. And everything changed. I began to say things in my head, eg. “Curses. This is bloody good!”… “Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t that the dude from [*sob* GONE! LOST FOREVER! *sob*] Snap! Crakk!?”… “Ohmygod. It IS!”… “Well, that’s it. I love this band. I love it INCREASINGLY. I’m slightly hysterically ecstatic, aren’t I? Yes.”… “THE WORLD IS NOT OVER. LIFE CAN BE LIVED AGAIN…” etc.

Yes. Damn Arms. Mark it.

And then Midnight Juggernauts did their thing. And I have never enjoyed them more than I did tonight. SO GOOD.

[By the way, the ticket for this gig cost me all of $10. The only thing I drank all night was Passion Pop. I caught public transport. I was even wearing a top I bought at Savers today. Good lord, I have just come home and dyed my own hair. MAN, I LOVE BEING CHEAP.]

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