Thursday, August 04, 2005


Equals... Danger!!

I'll have to remove my trash hat for a second to describe some street violence I just witnessed on St Kilda road this afternoon. Driving peacefully and law-abidingly towards Flinders Street, I stopped at the lights and saw a red ute swerve, with tyres smoking, towards two pedestrians crossing the road. After they jumped out of the way, the ute did a similarly smoky handbrake turn, parking itself along the tram fairway, blocking trams in both directions.

Out of this Ute (bearing the Southern Cross flag thingo) jumped some builder type in overalls. He then walked calmly to the back tray, and picked up a heavy power tool. He then started running towards the two, already scared pedestrians, waving the tool around as a weapon. When the number of trams became too great to resist, he eventually jumped back into the ute and drove off, with yet more tyre smoke. What the hell?

I'm not sure what triggered the whole thing, but please let it not be race (the pedestrians seemed like tourists or international students). So, yeah, can like the frontier keep away from my little bubble where people don't try to run other people down on the street and stuff.

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