Monday, September 12, 2005

Okay, time for a bit of self-promotion [but really, it’s about the issues, not moi]. But yo, it be my birthday, so apparently I’m allowed to do whatever I want. And what I want is to tell you that I’m very excited about the interviews I’ve got for tomorrow morning’s breakfast show. I’ll be very interested to hear/do them. Look:

7.15 Marika Dias, one of the lawyers for Scott Parkin, an American peace activist who is, for some reason, a threat to our national security. CRAZY!

7.30 Cam Walker, from Friends of the Earth, about protesting the aforementioned detention of Scott Parkin, and like, how CRAZY this is. Truly, this is some crazy shit. Like, THIS WHOLE SYSTEM IS OUT OF ORDER!

7.45 Richard Bourke, from the Louisiana Justice Center, about hurricane Katrina, race and poverty in America, the justice system, the death penalty, and such. He’s speaking at a seminar tomorrow night called Devastation in New Orleans: Race, poverty and social justice, if you were interested.

But anyway, these are just things. Here's another thing. It may just be my deep prejudice, but are Scientologists ever anything but creepy?

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