Wednesday, October 26, 2005

1. You are freaking me out:

'Gallup research has indicated that about 45 per cent of Americans believe God created human beings "pretty much in their present form" within the past 10,000 years.'
2. You are freaking me out and pissing me off:

'The government will force an immediate debate on the legislation, giving the opposition only 10 minutes to examine the bill rather than the usual fortnight.'
3. Who here loves lawyers? I DO. Truly. Lawyers rock. Yes they do. I love interviewing them, I love hearing them talk on Lateline. I just love them right down to the bone. Here, read some hot legal.

And cop an eyeful of this guy. PHWOAR! Everyone has a massive crush on George Williams' brains, don't they? Yes? Because if you don't, you really really should.

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