Monday, October 24, 2005


Firstly, to the idiocy of the poll. You can't be asking people which royal they'd prefer as monarch for any other reason than a wank. Because, WE DON'T GET TO DECIDE. It's a frickin MONARCHY. That's the point. Privilege based on heredity rather than merit or an accountable process. Please realise that. Because it's not innocuous. It's insane!

Secondly, to the idiocy of the response. Just because you like Our Mary doesn't make her any less of a DANISH royal, ie. not a British royal. Our head-of-state is the British monarch, as a basic rule of thumb. If the incestuous bloodlines bring the Danes in on the succession, it's so way down the line as to be an almost certain impossibility. And no, you don't get to swap the nationalities of the royalty of Europe to arrange them so they suit your preferences better, because YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER THEM. And the fact that some of them have even theoretical power over you is something to be alarmed about.

The only possible reason for a poll like this is to induce people to make tits of themselves and to embarrass me severely. LAME.

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