Sunday, November 06, 2005


Was anyone else awake really late last night? Did you SEE every single Kate Bush video clip being played in succession on Rage? Did you? BECAUSE I DID. And it was the BEST THING EVER.

Wuthering Heights - The Man With The Child In His Eyes - Hammer Horror - Wow - Breathing - Babooshka - Army Dreamers - Sat In Your Lap - Suspended In Gaffa - The Dreaming - Running Up That Hill - Cloudbusting - Hounds of Love - The Big Sky - Experiment IV - Don't Give Up - The Sensual World - Love and Anger - This Woman's Work - Rocket Man - Rubberband Girl - Moments Of Pleasure - And So Is Love - The Man I Love - King Of The Mountain - Wuthering Heights (Studio Version)

Seriously, it was the most exciting and enjoyable television I have watched in my entire life. And I even taped some of it, so now I can watch Kate Bush videos whenever I want. SCREAM! Because they are AMAZING. The dancing, the trenchcoats, the gold fluttering confetti, Donald Sutherland being Kate's dad. And watching them all in one go was like an education. I am a better person now. And the new clip for King Of The Mountain makes so much SENSE now. There's a trenchcoat, there's an Elvis suit flying around. It [needs more dancing, but] WORKS! Would really like some kind of DVD with all of Kate Bush's video clips on it to be made and distributed, á la Björk. Please.

Now, if someone had passed on Dave's message about Aerial being in Polyester already, I might be listening to it now. But I'm not. Which only means MORE EXTREME KATE BUSH APPRECIATION WILL FOLLOW.

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