Monday, May 29, 2006

Photo Opportunity of Shame and Humiliation.

I'm at 3CR editing some things for tomorrow's Breakfast Show, and I think I just did something highly embarrassing. A photographer from the Melbourne Leader came by to take photos to promote our Radiothon, and I was coopted into mugging for the camera like a goon. Sitting in the studio making stupid 'comedy' faces while people thrust CDs and records at me. This is just terrifying.

But hey, if you do have to get up early in the morning and are inclined to listen, the line-up for tomorrow's show is as follows, approximately:

7.05am - We'll play my recording of the speech Dr Salam Ismael of Doctors For Iraq gave last Thursday night at the Voices For Peace public meeting.

7.30am - I'll be interviewing Jo Wainer about her book, Lost: Illegal Abortion Stories, and about her involvement in the history of abortion and reform in Victoria. On Thursday night there is a public forum in her honour at the Yvonne Bowden Auditorium (132 Grattan St, Carlton) at 6pm, for anyone who is interested [excluding the violently "pro-life", obviously].

7.45am - Co-host Alex will interview Herman Wainggai, one of the 42 West Papuan asylum-seekers who was granted temporary protection. He will be one of the speakers at a forum on Tuesday night, Pacific Prisons Are No Solution, at Trades Hall in Cartlon at 7pm, for anyone who is interested.

8.15am - Co-host Alex will interview David Manne, Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre, who has been representing the West Papuan refugees and will also speak at tomorrow night's forum.

I only mention it because I think these are people worth listening to.

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