Friday, May 26, 2006

Voices For Peace

Went along last night to the pre-Peace Conference public meeting at Storey Hall to record it for radio. I wanted to use the female speakers, Cindy Sheehan and Kerry Nettle, for Women on the Line, but they weren't exactly super-fantastic, so I'm not sure if I will. But I'll listen again and see.

Also, question: did people know that Joe Dolce is an activist folk singer? I certainly did not. So it was weird. He didn't play Shaddap You Face, but rather songs about Iraqi children and Coretta Scott King. As I said, weird.

However, the other main speaker was quite something else. Indeed, within moments he had Leah next to me swooning and falling in love with his Brains and Integrity. So here, meet Dr Salam Ismael from Doctors For Iraq.

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