Monday, July 14, 2008

Livin La Vida Lohan

I'm currently binging on Living Lohan, the reality show following Dina Lohan (Lindsay's Mum/manager) and Ali Lohan (Lindsay's sister/wannabe singer/actor). This is SO good.

1. How Dina keeps talking herself up as some celebrity super manager, yet all she seems to do is spend the day reading through gossip rags looking for defamatory stories, then making some remark about how dealing with the press is like some kind of cosmic battle.
1a. The fact Dina has an assistant to help her flip through gossip mags.
2.The constant references to Ali's stardom, even though the reality show is designed to *create* that stardom. Reaches crescendo with obviously hired paparrazi mob.
3. Watching Ali sit around all day choosing her songs for her album, before making perfunctory remark about needing to record something she "can believe in", so as not to compromise her artistry.
4. The frequent mentions of Lindsay to compensate for her lack of participation in the show.
5. Dina's bling BMW 7-series.
6. Ali's remarkable lack of talent, contrasted against the pathological talking-up of her talent from all involved, e.g. "her voice is remarkable", following series of bum-notes.

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