Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's nice when a study day accords with some prime-time quality Oprah -- something to look forward to indeed. So anyway, today they're showing O's interview with the Octomom's father, Ed Doud (how much does Octomom sound like a Bond villain). There's been quite a bit of press about this interview, as it's supposed to herald the return of Oprah's tough journalist instincts. But I don't see any evidence of this so far. All I do see is how power works. In that Oprah is being tough on this guy because he's a normal person and not a celebrity. This has been mistaken for tough journo instincts. I am however reminded of a few more annoying things about Oprah:

1. She introduces stories along the following lines: "For SOME reason the press is ALL OVER this issue, even though it's COMPLETELY trivial, so we've decided to get to the bottom of it OURSELVES and see what all the fuss is about..." 
2. She presents certain points of view as if they're commonsensical, and then bullies her guests until they agree with her.
3. She brings up God in topics that don't have anything to do with God.
4. Dr. Oz.

That's all, but I've still got 20 minutes to go... I did support her once, you know. So sad.

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