Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Hey, having watched the Steve Irwin footage a few times, would anybody actually characterise what he is doing as baby dangling per se? I mean, I thought it was more like clutching, followed by some trotting. What's wrong with those words? They're apropos enough, right? However, I do see that there's definitely a baby present, and a piece of dead chicken dangling, during a crocodile feeding stunt, so I guess it's pretty accurate to average it all out as a "baby dangling stunt". Check, check, and check. I don't know though. It just seems like there's some deliberate referencing going on here which, as luck would have it, manages to cue repeat screenings of Michael Jackson's time in Berlin. Huh. Moving on now. So hey, I'm just curious, but is the whole fingerprinting and photographing foreign travellers arriving in the US thing really fucked up, or not? I mean, are fingerprints not such a big deal after all? It doesn't appear that they are now, but still, I've got a niggling feeling happening anyway. Is that just old hat? Because, like, in The Crucible even your name was a big deal, but those pilgrim types were totally dramatic about shit like that. Calm down Daniel. And brush your teeth, man. Anyway, yes or no?

P.S. Oh, and apologies for using the words per se and apropos, but I was in the mood to test your love.

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