Friday, January 09, 2004

Ignoring Elanor's wish-list for the perfect blog I plan to take Symposiasts thoroughly down-market in her absence. For the next week or so, it will be known as Symposiasts: Summer Edition, and in the tradition of summer editions, standards of content, editing and effort are expected to fall considerably. Space will perhaps be filled with vapid opinion pieces about shopping, weekends away, coffee accessories and such. Or perhaps the Bush twins. They just had a bit of a "write-up" in the papers this morning (it is still summer), and they totally seem like the Hilton sisters of the next generation, with added presidential gravitas. Countless drink-driving charges! Using the secret service as party limo to P-Diddy booze-ups! Slouching at their daddy's inauguration! Speaking of the Hilton sisters, there were a few things I left off my half-arsed G List 2003 roundup: their visit to Australia should have firmly been in the "Good" column, and Jewel's misguided new album and image should have been slotted in under "Bad". I said it then and I'll say it now: what was she thinking? She's like the Body Shop of pop: tries to save the world, but in the end it's all about lip gloss.

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