Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Blergh. Here's some feminism with 'nuance' from Janet Albrechtsen. Oh dear, "time-warped feminists" are making a racket because of the pay gap between men and women. Don't they know, like Janet does, that this is a result of "choice, not oppression"? Stupid feminists. Don't they see? It's quite simple... I mean, er, nuanced. Janet says, "for every woman who regards work as the centrepiece of her life, there are three men. In other words, men and women are not competing in equal numbers because their priorities are different." Hmmm. Or maybe their pressures are. Christ, Janet annoys me. I feel like she's anti-feminist without even understanding what feminist is. She treats it like it's some form of elitism that is removed from and deaf to the real experiences and concerns of women or something. Which is jaw-droppingly audacious coming from her, but no matter. I mean, sure, I guess some women might be doing that 'opt-out' thing like Janet says, but um, that REALLY doesn't provide any kind of rationale for doing away with feminist agitation for better working conditions, equality and all that. Why on earth is she atacking those people who are trying to change the workplace culture, raise awareness, secure equal pay, and advocate for women, and men, who want more flexible hours and childcare, so that maybe the child-rearing load need not be the main 'priority' of one parent? She is SO WEIRD! Ew, I spit on her. She is such a fucking tool.

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