Tuesday, July 20, 2004

This Age editorialfrom a few days back is quite good, about our stupid arse government and Iraq. I particularly liked that it reminds people of statements made by Howard & co prior to the war and how these statements really screw up the new position they've been taking after it. With Johnny going, before, "I couldn't justify on its own a military invasion of Iraq to change the regime. I've never advocated that." And now being a complete shit about it. Or Alexander Downer saying it's "beyond reasonable doubt... that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction". Ah, the certitude. So schmucky. My favourite point in the editorial was this bit, with the writer asking, "But why did our leaders attach so little weight to the qualifications, the uncertainties, that they now say are part and parcel of intelligence? Instead, they ridiculed sceptics." Yeah. I know this isn't a revolutionary point for The Age or any other paper to make, that the government is dodgy. I mean it's rather obvious, if quite general. I just feel much better seeing some little damning details disseminated. So people don't forget from day to day. So I can stop having arguments and feeling like I'm losing them, because people just go 'but they got rid of Saddam so it's okay' and I stand there floundering around trying to say something about Hans Blix and how unjust and dangerous pre-emptive action is and how there was no proof of an urgent threat and how the government breached public trust and have not copped to any of it and how all that's pretty not okay. Not to mention all the death and mind-fucking. The mind-fucking has been what I've experienced. Damn crazy emphatic bastards, so 'strong' in their position, pointing at mine with a big loud "explain yourself you weak fool", and I'm like "Whaaa? YOU GUYS are the ones who've got the explaining to do" and they're like "Why?" and I'm like "Because you started a war, invaded a country, killed people and talked a whole lot of insupportable shit" and they're like "Why don't you marry Saddam if you love him so much" and I'm like "I didn't even say anything about Saddam Hussein!" and then they're like "Ha! Exactly! You never even mention him. But he was a brutal dictator, okay, so deal with that!" and then I'm like "But that doesn't address any of the legitimate points I've made" and they're like "Oh yeah? Tell it to the thousands of Kurds he gassed". And then my head explodes. Somehow, they're in a more powerful position and it makes no sense. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I don't understand how anyone could vote for the Liberal party under any circumstances, but like, come on! These guys have gotta go down. They totally suck!

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